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What People are Saying About UNDERCOVER ANGELS: Christian books for girls.

Katie Hoffman (Author of A Life of Joy)

"Through storytelling, Angela Dusenberry equips the young reader with ways to successfully handle some of the trials experienced by those who seek to walk with God in an ungodly world. The story is filled with anticipation, and readers will be able to relate to the characters. I was held captive as I read about the adventures faced by Kayla as she navigates her way through friends, school, and life. The story leaves you excited to read the next book in the series, and see what happens next in Kayla’s life." 

Amanda (Age 11)

"I love your book. I read it in five days because I like it so much.

Laura (Age 13)

"The most amazing book:) it was exiting and made me feel confident. I don't know why. And it helped me pray more."

Felicia (Age 14)

"Loved your book. Can't wait till 2nd one comes out. Also really the only book I want to reread. Can't explain, but I can relate to her (Kayla) in a lot of ways."

Amanda (Age 12)

"So has your new book came out yet? I'm really exited to read it. After I read Undercover Angels Kyla's Big Move for the first time, I read it in a day for 3 weeks in a row last summer it was so good."

Lorin (Age 11)

"I can really relate to Kayla in so many ways. I hope you write more books so I can read them."

Ashley (Age 12)

"I really enjoyed your book. As I read, I thought of myself as Kayla and her life with other girls and a little sibling. Your book was amazing! I can't wait to read your next book...UNDERCOVER ANGELS/Book #2 The Oregon Caves Trip. I am your #1 fan!"

"I loved Kayla's Big Move so much and just can't wait until the next books come out!! Amazing!!!"

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